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Singapore Machaq Irpir Chhijlläwi

Categoria-naka: Asia Oriental, Singapur, Elecciones, Governance, Política

Paqalqür Singaporean jach’a mark irpirix lakan phaxs pä tunk paqalqür saraqataruw Dr Tony Tanar ajllisiwayi, ukampins atpt’äwipax 7,269 jaqunakampikïnwa. Jupax 35.19-kak taqpach jaqüwinakat apthapïna, ukampirus walikïn 18 maran jach’a irpirïñ munirinakar atipt’añatakixa. Dr Tan-arux maynïr Ministru Lee Hsien Loong-apiniw iyawsawayi. Ukat jaqüwinak jakthapitaxs nayrir Ministrux akjam arsuwayi:

It is good that Singaporeans have had the chance to vote for their next President, and to focus on what the elected President is about. I thank the four candidates for putting themselves forward. Voters faced a difficult choice between Dr Tony Tan and Dr Tan Cheng Bock. This explains why the winning margin is so narrow, and why the winner only gained slightly more than one-third of the total votes. Nevertheless, under our first-past-the-post system, the election has produced an unambiguous winner, who has the mandate to be the next President.

Singaporeanunakan  jutïr jach’a mark irpir ajlliñatak utjatapax askiwa, ukat ajllit jach’a mark irpirtuqit qhananchaña. Nayax pusi jach’a mark irpiriñ munirinakaruw nayraqatar ucht’asipxatapat yuspajarta. Ajllirinakax Dr Tony Tanampit ukat  Dr Tan Cheng Bock-ampit ajllipñatakix ch’am tukuwapxi. Akax kunattï atipt´äwipax wali juk’aki uk qhanachi, ukat kunatti atipt’irix taqpach jaqüwinakat mä tirsyit mä juk’ampikiw atipawayi. Ukampirus jiwasan first-past- the-post sistimarux ajlliwix jan kuna sañ atipir apsuwayi.

Twitterverse Singapor apnaqäna. Machaq irpiritakix nayrir arsüwinakamp  amuyt’äwinakampix akkïrinakawa:

I hope @dr_tonytan will continue to tweet… Then he will be our first Singapore president to tweet.

Nayax Dr Tonytanan saraskakiñap munta. Ukjamax jupax jiwasan nayrïr Singapor-an irpiripäniwa.

Feeling real lousy today with the results of#sgpresident elections. Proving once again that the head is more important then the heart.

Jicchürux ajllïw tukutanakampix maj amuyastan. Waljkut uñacht’ayasax chuymat sipan p’iqiw sinti aski.

@sgelectorate&lt: Overhead: SGreans just voted in another Minister Mentor; one that's v. good with motherhood statements.

@sgelectorate&lt: Ukakirximipanxa: SGreans-ax yaqha Mentor Ministrutakiw jaqxäna; mayni khititi arsusiñatakiw kusa.

@BB_See&lt: Well Singapore, I didn't think I'd say this but as of today you have 5 years to repent.

@BB_See&lt: Walikiw Singapore, nayax janiw lup’kayat ak saña, ukampis jichhürutx phisqa maraw qhiphar kuttañamatakix utjtam.

@iamleonwei&lt: spoiling votes is disrespecting the country democracy so 37,000 voters don't deserve to be here.

Jaqüwinak jan kunar willtañax markachirinakan lup’ïwinakapar jan wal uñjañawa, kunati 37,000 ajllirinakaw jan akankañanakapax wakiskiti.

Pasïrix Tweetax jan wal uñjat jaqüwinakat arsu kawkirinakati janiw jakhusiwakiti. Ukch’añkamaxa, Tony Tanun juk’ampik atipt’atapax mark apnaqirin aynachar saratapxamaw amuyasispa.

@mrbrown&lt: If Tan Cheng Bock wins, PAP loses. If Tony Tan wins, with this score, PAP also loses.(<em>author’s note:</em>PAP is Singapore's ruling party)

@mrbrown&lt: Tan Cheng Bock-ati atipt’aspaxa, PAP-ax aynacht’aspawa. Jichhax Tony Tanati atipasp ukjaxa, PAP-ax ukapachparakiw qhiphaqtaspa.

Ukjarux href-in youtube videow uñicht’ayasi Markachirix<  Dr Tan-an atipt’atapat arsusi.
Mä aynacht’irix Singapore jaqurinakax ukjam lup’i.

PM better wake up his ideas. The majority of Singaporeans are unhappy about the

- unjustified commuter fare rise;

- repeated failures to secure MRT (<em>author’s note:</em> train service) carrieages and depots;

- attempts to tell us how we should vote on 27 August;

- Central Mediation Centre's and MinLaw's refusal to tell FTs that they are guests here, not our overlords, and must tolerate our culture and eating habits.

- PM-ax amuyunakap sartayi. Niy taqi Singaporeanunakaw  pasájinakat

– jan kuna ch’sat irxattatapat k’uchikïpkiti;

–MRT Vagun dipusitunak walir uskuñ – lakan phaxs 27 urunak saraqatan kunjams jaquñasa.

-Centro de Mediacion Centralampin Minlawampin janiw satap FTs-ar sañatakix akan jupanakax jawsatakipxiwa, janiw p’qt’irisapkiti, ukat jupanakax sapür luräwinakas iyawsapxañakapawa; Gigamole Diaries-ax ajllit irpirirux jach’a mark mayachthapiñamaw sasaw amthapiyi.

The elected President must realize that notwithstanding the electioneering and promises made in the heat of the moment, the Presidency is a position that must chiefly unify and inspire. He must try and embody all the noble values that will bring us together as a united citizenry.

Ajllitäñatak kunayman luratanakatxatxa, askpachapinix jupax jaqir mayachthapiñat amuykipañapawa. Kunanakati markachirinakar  mayachthapkistan ukanakat jupax lup’iñapawa.

When we elect the President, we willingly confer upon him the moral authority to assume the highest position in our land, but this does not make him eligible to be the authority for our morals.

Kunapachati irpirir ajlltan ukjax jiwasan p’iqt’irisañapatakix pustukitanwa, ukampins jupax janiw kunti munkï uk jiwasxar lurkaspati. AKIKONOMU-x kunatti mark irpiriñax wali askiwa

The President is guardian of nothing. Once the elected president was the guardian of the reserves of Singapore. Then the constitution was changed so that the president is the guardian of only the current reserves. In one fell swoop, the government negated the meaning of the presidency – though the citizens of Singapore and even the candidates for its 4th election/selection seem unware.

Irpirix waqaychiriñapawa. Ukat ajllit irpirix mäkiw Singapore jilt’anakat jarkirïxana. Ukjarux jichha jilt’anakat irpirix jark’añapatakiw kamachinakax jaqukipatäna. Ukat mayak irpirix jan mark apnaqañ tuqit amuyañ munxänti, ukjamipans Singaporeanunakas ukat mark irpiriñ munirinakas janxamakiw amuyasipkasmachiti.

Yee Jenn Jong-narxamax mayjt’awayiwa:

I am excited in this PE and watching the outcome because Singapore has reached a new political landscape. It is hard to imagine going back to the muted elections we had in the past. If we cannot move backwards, the only reasonable thing going forward is to define a new political playing field where we will progress together for the common good of Singapore. People want to hear alternative voices. For there to be alternative voices, there must be anough good people stepping forward to fill to roles. It is happening now.

PE-nx nayax tukuyäw uñtaskasax chuyma ch’allxtatatwa, kunati Singapor-ax mayj pulitik lurañ jikxatawayi. Ch’amaw nayra jan wali ajllïwinak utjkistän ukanakat amtañaxa. Jichhax jan qhiphar jittañ munkstan ukaxa, Singapor-atak machaq pulitik utjañapatakix nayrar sartañakiw wakt’istu. Jaqix may may arsüwinak ist’añ muni. Jichhax ukjam utjañapatakix suma jaqinakaw nayrar chillqtañatak utjañapa.