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Hong Kong: Waranqanakaw ‘Educación Nacional-tuq’ Arusipxi

Categoria-naka: Asia Oriental, China, Hong Kong (China), Citizen Media, Educación, Fotografía, Protesta

Aka urunakax Escuela primaria-n currículo de controversia machaq “red-ax” [1]amtayaskakiwa, ukat amtayir yatiqirimpiw awki taykanakax mayachasipxi, ukjarux aka sata phaxsin yatichirinakax jilïr irpirin ‘currículo’ uka apnaqañ suyt’ayañtakirakïpxanwa.

Wasür 2012 willka kuti phaxsin pä tunka uru saraqatan walja waranq markachiriw Hong Kong-nat thakhinakar uñxtasiñtak mistsuwapxäna. Pacha wali junt’ürximïpans  awki taykanakax wawanakap ichupxänwa. Akjarux wasürut ajllit jamuqanakaw uñicht’ayasi, taqi ukax iyawsäwimpirakiwa:


The banner said: «Papa Mama stepping out. Let's stop the national education.» Photo taken by Josephine Tsang.


The Banner of one of the major organizing bodies, Scholarism. It reads: «Withdraw the red brainwashing curriculum; Chinese Communist Party members should not be the writers». Photo taken by Josephine Tsang.


Protesters gathered outside the government headquarters with their banner against communist brainwashing curriculum. Photo by Josephine Tsang.


Father rallying with his daughter. Photo taken by Tigerątko Kao


A father is feeding his new born baby during the rally. Photo taken by Benson Tsang.


The rally organizers said that approximately 90 thousand citizens participated in the protest. The photo shows the gathering at a corner of Victoria Park. Photo taken by Benson Tsang


The wooden placard states: Revolution education is so powerful. The party is your grandpa and mother. You give everything to the party. The party sends their own offspring to the U.S and Canada. Photo taken by Benson Tsang.


The protest balloon signifies «hope for the future» in the rally. Photo by Benson Tsang.


The protester wore a washing machine on his head with the Chinese national flag banner in his hand: Forced to be Patriotic? Photo by Twitter user JaJia


Primary school child protester says: «No more brain washing. The brain will breakdown!» Photo taken by inmediahk.net


Hong Kong Indian community says: «We want diversity not homogeneity. Please give me Chinese language education, not brainwashing education!» Photo taken by inmediahk.net


The government campus is filled with protesters who crossed their arms as a gesture to stop the implementation of national education curriculum. Photo by inmediahk.net