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Markanakan sumankäwinakapamp anqäx tamachäwinakampix aka uraqpachan jakirinakaruw p'arxtayapxi. Akanakax sijuriraratakis pulitikatakis qulqitakis jakañäwjatakis ukat yaqhanakampitak kunaw wali askipxi.

Kuns lursna: Global Voices-an qilqt'irinakax jila kullakanaktuqiw anqäx markanakan sumankäwinakap uñjapxi, khithinakatï Internet-tuqiw arst'asipxaraki.

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This special series is the result of a partnership between Global Voices and the International Relations and Security Network (ISN) in Switzerland who have commissioned Global Voices authors to seek out citizen voices worldwide and share them in the ISN blog. The ISN is one of the world’s leading open access information services for international relations and security professionals.

Aka qilqt'atax Suiza-n Global Voices-ankirinakanas «Relaciones Internacionales-anas» ukat «Redes Sociales-anas» ukanakan yanapt'anakapamp lurt'atawa, khithinakatï Global Voices-ankirinakaruw jila kullakanakan lup'ïwinakap apthapipxam ukat ISN blog-an mayikipt'asipxam sas sapxäna. ISN-nan rilasyunis intirnasyunalisampitak yatxatatanakampitakiw yatiyäwixa.

All ISN/GV Partnership Stories

January 2013

01 Feb – Stormy Waters? Maritime Border Disputes between Bolivia, Chile, Peru (ISN/ Global Voices)
31 Jan – Why Should Distributing the Polio Vaccine in Pakistan lead to Death? (ISN/ Global Voices)
30 Jan – Colombia – A Long Way to Peace? (ISN/ Global Voices)
29 Jan – North Korea: A Sign of Change or the Same-Old Rhetoric? (ISN/ Global Voices)
28 Jan – Central African Republic: How Strong Is The Peace Deal? (ISN/ Global Voices)

December 2012

21 Dec – The Sinai Peninsula: Egypt’s “Wild West”? (ISN/ Global Voices)
20 Dec – Zambian President Orders Killing of “Rebels” No One Can Find (ISN/ Global Voices)
19 Dec – Israel Media Ratings War Spills into Conflict Coverage (ISN/ Global Voices)
18 Dec – The Elusive Quest for Peace with the M23 in the DRC (ISN/ Global Voices)
17 Dec – Catalonia: Independence from Spain to Do What? (ISN/ Global Voices)

November 2012

23 Nov – Mumbai Terrorist Executed, But Will it Bring Peace? (ISN/ Global Voices)
22 Nov – Why Vote-Rigging in Ukraine’s Elections Shouldn’t Go Unpunished (ISN/ Global Voices)
21 Nov – Did News Story on Riches of China’s Premier Weaken Reformists?(ISN/ Global Voices)
20 Nov – Iran's Power Shakedown Before the Presidential Election (ISN/ Global Voices)
19 Nov – A Legal Solution to Mob Justice in Nigeria? (ISN/ Global Voices)

October 2012

26 Oct – Afghanistan Post-2014: Will the Dark Days Return? (ISN/ Global Voices)
25 Oct – Mercenaries from Mali to Foment Unrest in Côte d’Ivoire? (ISN/ Global Voices)
24 Oct – New Realities of the India-Russia Defense Partnership (ISN/ Global Voices)
23 Oct – Colombia: How Attacks on Energy Infrastructure Affects Citizens (ISN/ Global Voices)
22 Oct – A Maligned Law to Protect the Philippines from Cybercrime (ISN/ Global Voices)

September 2012

27 Sep – Colombians Cautiously Optimistic About Peace Talks with FARC (ISN/ Global Voices)
26 Sep – Russia: Ominous Predictions of Conflict in Dagestan (ISN/ Global Voices)
25 Sep – Madagascar Struggles to Control Domestic Instability (ISN/ Global Voices)
24 Sep – Afghans Show Restraint Over Anti-Islam Film (ISN/ Global Voices)

August 2012

31 Aug – Mali: Can Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Be Stopped? (ISNGlobal Voices)
30 Aug – Combatting Cocaine Production in Bolivia, Colombia and Peru (ISNGlobal Voices)
29 Aug – Pakistan: Long Road to Peace and Security (ISNGlobal Voices)
28 Aug – Maritime Row with China Forces Philippines to Upgrade Defenses (ISNGlobal Voices)
27 Aug – Russia's War Games Make Georgia Nervous (ISNGlobal Voices)
03 Aug – Global: ‘International Relations’ Out of the Classroom Onto the Web (ISNGlobal Voices)
02 Aug – Global: BRICS vs. NATO – Battlefield of Ideas on Interventions (ISNGlobal Voices)
01 Aug – Bolivia: Anti-US Rhetoric Harming its Diplomatic Relations? (ISNGlobal Voices)

July 2012

31 Jul – China: Bizarre Power Triangle – Sina, the Government and Netizens (ISN / Global Voices)
30 Jul – ‘Small’ Georgia Takes on ‘Big’ Russia with New Media (ISN / Global Voices)
06 Jul – A Weak African Union for 53 Member States (ISN / Global Voices)
06 Jul – Israel: Defense Budget Vs. Social Justice (ISN / Global Voices)
05 Jul – China: Sparking the ‘Exile is Not Freedom’ Debate (ISN / Global Voices)
04 Jul – India, Pakistan: Working Towards Thawing the Siachen Conflict? (ISN / Global Voices)
03 Jul – Chinese Investment: Boon or Bane to Southeast Asia (ISN / Global Voices)
02 Jul – Southeast Asia: Home to the World's Longest Ongoing Civil Wars (ISN / Global Voices

June 2012

08 Jun – India, Bangladesh: Water Disputes and Teesta River Diplomacy  (ISN / Global Voices)
07 Jun – Cameroon: Electric Dreams for Development by 2035 (ISN / Global Voices)
05 Jun – Russia: Returning to a State Monopoly on Violence? (ISN / Global Voices)
04 Jun – Mexico, USA: Who Will Pay the Price for Wal-Mart's Corruption? (ISN / Global Voices)
01 Jun – Zambia Donates Five Million Litres of Fuel to Malawi (ISN / Global Voices)

May 2012

30 May – Brazil: Questions Surrounding Rio's ‘Pacifying Police’ Units (ISN / Global Voices)
11 May – China: In Bo Xilai Saga, Did Social Media Challenge Government?  (ISN / Global Voices)
10 May – Bolivia: Development at What Cost? New Conflict Over TIPNIS Road (ISN / Global Voices)
09 May – Africa: Will Local Content Policies Help Avert the Oil Curse? (ISN / Global Voices)
08 May – India, Pakistan Missile Launches: Game Changers or Mere Posturing? (ISN / Global Voices)
07 May – Russia: Surprise Resignations Threaten New Governor Elections (ISN / Global Voices)

Check back regularly for more new stories.

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