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África markan arst'at arunakapa

Categoria-naka: África Subsahariana, Etiopía, Mali, Ruanda, Sudáfrica, Citizen Media, Lenguaje

Osborne tatax Universidad Olivet Nazarene ukan sitio web tuqinw mä mapa “Uraqpacha payïr jila arsut arunakapa” [1] sasinw qillqt'i. Mapan jan walt'äwix uñstk uka uñt'ayi:

The first issue is assuming that “The most spoken language in any country is often obvious; usually, it’s the official language of the country.” In Africa this often is not the case, if by “most spoken” one counts number of speakers. An example is Mali, whose linguistic profile was explored on this blog in discussing the long-tail of languages – Bambara is certainly more used than the official French.

Official language is a category that doesn't lend itself to ranking use of languages in Africa, beyond the (admittedly important) context of official use and its spillover to popular use. In the case of two countries at least, this runs into additional problems:
•South Africa has 11 official languages (the Olivet site incorrectly lists only one of them – Zulu – as official). So one of the official languages will be second most spoken. Perhaps that is Xhosa as indicated, but the model focusing on official languages hasn't worked here.
•Rwanda has three official languages (Kinyarwanda, French, and English), and Central African Republic two (Sango and French). Since the site doesn't consider these official languages in discussing second most widely spoken, it is reduced to stating that Swahili is “second” most used in Rwanda, and that indigenous languages are used in CAR – which doesn't tell us much.

Nayraqatax “Kawkïr markans oficial uñt'at arukï ukapuniw arst'ataxa”. África markanx Mali, aruw arst'ata, perfil lingüístico ukax aka blog ukanw arunakax uñt'ayata- bambara arux francés arut sipans jiplapach arst'atawa.
Oficial arux sañ muniwa, África markan arst'at arupa, ukhamakipanstï uka sitio ukanx pä markan arunakapaw jan utjkiti:
•Sur de África uksanx 11 aruw utji ukankax oficiales ukham uñt'atawa (sitio Olivet ukanx – zulú – aru uñt'ayi). UKa arux wali arst'atapuniwa. Xhosaspero jupax oficiales arunakax janiw apnaqatakit sasinw saraki.
•Ruanda ukanx kimsa arunakaw utji ukanakax oficiales ukham uñt'atarakiwa, ukax aknïr arunakawa: kiñaruanda, francés ukat inglés, República Centro Africana uksanx pä aruw arst'ata: sango ukat francés. Uk sitio ukanx aka pä arux janiw uñjaskiti, kunats jan ukankpacha ukampirus aka arux walja arst'asirinakaniwa, suajili arux “payïri” aruwa Ruanda markan arst'atawa,indigenas arunakax República Centro Africana uksanw utji – ukam`pirus aka arunakatx janiw khitis qhananchkchistuti.

Akan [2] payïr aruskipäwinaka.