Elias Quispe Chura

My name is Elias. I was born in Los Andes Province, Callamarca Commnunity, department of La Paz, in 1982. My mother tongue is Aymara. I have two brothers and a sister. Their names are Braulio, Raúl, and Maria Adela. My parents are Jesus and Marcela. My father is a cashier, and my mother is a housewife. They live in the country…

I started the Primary School in 1986 and ended it in 1991, then I joined the High School, I was there from 1992-1998. Consequently, in 1999 I went into the army, because it was a compulsory for all young boys. It was really a very good experience, e.g. I learnt to value my parents and everything had as a person among other things. After leaving it, I went to my village. There I was six months. During that time I was helping my parents. Some time later, I came to La Paz city to work as an assistant tailor. I worked there only for three months. I left it due to the economical problems, and I began to work in another job where the salary was quite good. I was working full time, but unfortunately I was fired, as there was too much clerks in the institution. 10 hours later, I got another job. It was in Alto Irpavi. I had to work as a doorman. I was there for two years. Nevertheless, the things didn't turn out as I wanted. So I changed my mind because I got bored with too much work. It was really tiring. I coundn't study or do the things in my own way. What I wanted was to study and work at the same time. And so I left it and decided to study Linguistics and Languages at the university, because I liked Languages and Grammar. I enrolled in it to take the pre-university. After three months, I gave my examination and passed it. I was really exiceted at that moment. I ever felt that way. At last my dream came true. The next year, in 2004 I began with my classes. I enjoyed them every day. In 2007 I ran for a scholarship. There were many postulants, but I beat them. It was my first experience in a compitition. Later on, I was an Assistant Professor for three years…

In fact, I have just finished my studies. Now I speak four languages, and besides that I am learning French. I can't complain about anything. Everything has turned out as I hoped… By this time next year, I will have been studying Linguistics and Languages for seven years. The time goes by so fast. I only hope to keep having more successes in the future…

Imaylu Elias Quispe Chura

Qhipa qillqatanaka Elias Quispe Chura

Costa Rica: Taqit Sipan Jach’a Qull Makhatkasa

  23 Qasäwi phaxsi 2012

Costa Rica-n taqit sipan jach’a qullux Cerro Chirripó-wa, ukat qutat akax 3820 luqanakankarakiwa. Walja maranakan makhatkatapxañapatakix walja pachpan jakirinakaru, ukat anqäxankirinakaruw jawskatawayi: aka qhiphïr wiriyunakax pä mayja jakäwinak apanirapistu. Mayïr uñichäwinakax 1960 mararuw kutti, ukat mä qullu patar saräwirakiwa.

Puerto Rico: Gasoducto Jan Munasaw Unxtasipxi

  22 Qasäwi phaxsi 2012

Patakanakaw “Marcha Nacional” ukar mayachasipxäna: Puerto Rico-x Gasoducto jan munasaw sayt’i kunati San Juan markan Puerto Rico-n anat phaxs tunka llä tunkan uru saraqataruw willka urux apasïna: Poder Legislativo-t gobernador Luis Fortuño-n yanapirinakapan amtatänwa kawkiriti jach’a qullnam costa sur de la isla-t San Juan-kam gas natural apañ amtaski.

Cuba: XVI Benedict Papa-x Cuba-n Jutïr Pachap

  28 Achuqa phaxsi 2012

XVI Benedict Papa-n Santiago de Cuba-r purïwipax Caribeño markaruw Twitter Trending Topics-aruw uchi. Wasayp'ux Raúl Castro-mp inti jalant suyun sutipampix wali jisk't'atänwa. Blog-anakamp yatiyirinakampix janiw Internet apnaqirinakan Papa-n isla-r puritat lup'ïwinakapampix iyawäpkiti.

Russia: Jaqiw Kuk'akïxi

RuNet Echo  20 Chinuqa phaxsi 2012

Aka uraqpachan Rusia-x suma jilt'anak churatawa, ukat jaqi juk'akïtapax jach'a suypacharuw llakisïwayi, kunawsatti Unión Soviética-n jan walt'atapat Rusia-ruw jan uraqipar arxatirin jaytaspa.

Thailand-an Uraq Jittatanakapa

  29 Jallu qallta phaxsi 2011

Phisqa tunk maran Thailand chijinakat jiwatanakax phisqa patak jilanakaruw puriwayi. Jilïr irpirinakax jan walt'äwinakat pä tunk phisqan provincia-w t'aqhisisipkaki sasaw sapxäna. Mä waranq jil phamillaw jan walt'äwin jikxatasiwäpxi, ukat patan uraq jittatanakax 4.4 waranq yapuchat sayañaruw chaychjawayi.

Ethiopia: Warminakar Arxatañtak Unxtasïwi

  2 Jallu qallta phaxsi 2011

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia qasaw phaxs tunka pusin ur saraqataruw Merkel plasan mä unxtasïwix lurt'asiwayi. Akax warminakan chijinkapkän uk uñicht'ayañ munarakïna, ukat sumankañ kamachinakamp arxatatañapataki. Unxtasïwix Ethiopian Wowen Lawyers Association, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) , United Nations Funds for Population (UNFPA) and the support of the Ministry of Justice...

Zambia: Jan Waynuchunakan Untañ Wiriyux Chacha Warmita, Saräwinakata, ukat Jach'anchäwit Aruskipañ Uñstäwayi

  30 Lapaka phaxsi 2011

Mayïr Zambia jach'a yatiqañ utan mä yatiqir tawaqun wiriyupan , (El Centro de Zambia para la Contabilidad de la Universidad (ZCAS), Intirnitan muniripamp munaskiriw uñstawayi, ukat Zambia-nkir Intirnit apnaqirinakar uñicht'ayatänwa, khithinakati (enlace) inlasx khyuyapayasirïnakasaw uñicht'ayawäpxi. Blogana, Ajanpankana, Twitter-an ukat markan walja aruskipäw uñstäwayi.