Elias Quispe Chura · Sata qallta phaxsi, 2011

My name is Elias. I was born in Los Andes Province, Callamarca Commnunity, department of La Paz, in 1982. My mother tongue is Aymara. I have two brothers and a sister. Their names are Braulio, Raúl, and Maria Adela. My parents are Jesus and Marcela. My father is a cashier, and my mother is a housewife. They live in the country…

I started the Primary School in 1986 and ended it in 1991, then I joined the High School, I was there from 1992-1998. Consequently, in 1999 I went into the army, because it was a compulsory for all young boys. It was really a very good experience, e.g. I learnt to value my parents and everything had as a person among other things. After leaving it, I went to my village. There I was six months. During that time I was helping my parents. Some time later, I came to La Paz city to work as an assistant tailor. I worked there only for three months. I left it due to the economical problems, and I began to work in another job where the salary was quite good. I was working full time, but unfortunately I was fired, as there was too much clerks in the institution. 10 hours later, I got another job. It was in Alto Irpavi. I had to work as a doorman. I was there for two years. Nevertheless, the things didn't turn out as I wanted. So I changed my mind because I got bored with too much work. It was really tiring. I coundn't study or do the things in my own way. What I wanted was to study and work at the same time. And so I left it and decided to study Linguistics and Languages at the university, because I liked Languages and Grammar. I enrolled in it to take the pre-university. After three months, I gave my examination and passed it. I was really exiceted at that moment. I ever felt that way. At last my dream came true. The next year, in 2004 I began with my classes. I enjoyed them every day. In 2007 I ran for a scholarship. There were many postulants, but I beat them. It was my first experience in a compitition. Later on, I was an Assistant Professor for three years…

In fact, I have just finished my studies. Now I speak four languages, and besides that I am learning French. I can't complain about anything. Everything has turned out as I hoped… By this time next year, I will have been studying Linguistics and Languages for seven years. The time goes by so fast. I only hope to keep having more successes in the future…

Imaylu Elias Quispe Chura

Qhipa qillqatanaka Elias Quispe Chura Ta Sata qallta phaxsi, 2011

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