Zambia: Jan Waynuchunakan Untañ Wiriyux Chacha Warmita, Saräwinakata, ukat Jach'anchäwit Aruskipañ Uñstäwayi

Jichhakiw mayïr Zambia jach'a yatiqañ utan mä yatiqir tawaqun wiriyupan , (El Centro de Zambia para la Contabilidad de la Universidad (ZCAS), Intirnitan muniripamp munaskiriw uñstawayi, ukat Zambia-nkir Intirnit apnaqirinakar uñicht'ayatänwa, khithinakati (enlace) inlasx khyuyapayasirïnakasaw uñicht'ayawäpxi.

Zambia-x tatitur arkir jach'a markawa, kawkinti wiriyux jan wal uñjatawa, ukat «Código Penal, Capítulo 87 Zambia kamachinakarjamax k'iphakirakiwa, kawkirinti jan wali luräwjamaw uñsti, ukat ukanak lurañax juchawa. Juchañchjasirinakax phisqa mar jist'antañaruw saykatapxi.

Blogana, Ajanpankana, ukat Twitter-an walja aruskipäw uñstäwayi. Zambian blogger Lwanga Mwilu-x aruskipäwin kama (género) jach'anchäw qhananchsuwayi. Wiriyun tawaqux khithiti mä jach'a Zambia pulitikump sumankkaspas ukjam amuyasitapata, walja mar jist'antäw katuqawayi.

Zambia Centre for Accountancy College in Lusaka. Photo source: Nahum Pembu Muwowo Facebook page.
Zambia Centre for Accountancy College in Lusaka. Photo source: Nahum Pembu Muwowo Facebook page.

Lwanga Mwilu qilqt'änwa:

When it comes to issues of “morality”, there is quite something to be said about male immunity against being tried and condemned in the courts of public opinion…and women’s lack of such immunity. And so when consensual sex finds itself being categorised as a scandal, you can be sure you will hear the woman’s name much longer after her partner has even forgotten he was ever part of the case.

I suppose some context is in order here. For several days now, Zambian cyberspace has been abuzz with reactions to a “sex tape”, featuring a college couple from the Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) that has been leaked and circulated online. The comments, which are well in their hundreds or even thousands if you count across different online platforms, are varied yet their recurrent theme is the censuring of the young woman. She has been called lots of names, some of which even professional hookers would take offence at. I went through some readers’ comments on a few sites and I was so struck by the inequality in apportioning blame; the woman was taking all the flak, lots of it, while there was heavy silence about her partner. It was as though she was all alone in the video.

Kunawsati jach'anchäwtuqit arsusixa, kamach utan juk'amp arsuñaw chachar jan kamsatanakat juchanchatäñapatak utji… ukat warmir jan kamsañax janiw utjkarakiti. Ukjamast kunapachati munasiñax mä ch'axwäjam jalanuqasixa, jumax janiw pä chuymäkasmati. Muniripan luräwinakapat q'al armt'asiwatapxaruxa, warmin sutipax wal ist'atawa.

Akan amuyatax walikjamakiskiwa. Walja urut jichhax Zambia ciberespacio-x arsüwinak uñstäwayi, kawkiriti mä pä jach'a yatiqañ ut Centro de Estudios de Contabilidad-at uñicht'ayi, kunatti apaqatänwa, ukat Intirnitar apkatatarakïnwa. Patakanak jan ukax waranqanak arsüwinakax walïnwa, jumati Intirnitanist ukaxa. Tawaqur uñch'ukiñax may mayänwa. Juparux walja chachanakaw jawsapxäna, yaqhipanakax anisqutamanak kunäpxarakinwa. Atamirtuqin yaqhiph ullart'irinakan arst'äwinakap uñxatäyata, ukat juch jan pachpak uñjapxatapat wali llakitäyata; tawaqux walja k'umisiñ katuqaskäna, ukañkamax waynatx janiw arsupkänti. Wiriyun sapakïkaspas ukjmakïnwa.

Mwilu warminakan yaqha chachanakamp sarnaqkir katjayasirinakat arusipxatapat k'umirakïna:

Sometimes women seem to be the most intolerant of fellow women’s supposed failings. Consider concurrent sexual partnerships and what happens when some married men are discovered by their wives. A married man is discovered to be cheating by the wife, she goes after the woman he is cheating with, roughs her up, calls her all those colourful names and leaves her with a stern warning of what she will do to her if she dares go near her husband again. Then she goes back home, cooks for her husband, cleans up after him, laughs at his dry jokes and just pretty much preoccupies herself indulging her amnesia.

Yaqhippachanakax warminakax yaqhip marminakan jan wali luratanakapat sinti jan munirinakjamaw amuyasi. Chacha warmit amuyam ukat kunati kamachi, kunawsati yaqhip warmin chachanakax warminakapamp jaljtapxi. Mä warmin chachax yaqha warmimp sarnaqkir warmipamp katjayasi, jupax kawkir warmimpiti chachapax sarnaqki, uka qhipat sari, nuwji, waynanakapamp ayxati, ukat jan chachapar wasitat jak'achasiñapatakix jinchunchiwa. Ukjarux jupax utaruw kutt'i, chachapatakiw phayi, jupxaruw jariqasi, jan laruñjam sawkanakapat larusi, ukat jupapachpat llakisi.

Twitter-an, mä tweep, @tatendaprobert, jiskt'asiwa kawkjankis warminakaxa, kunatti tawaqux wiriyun uñstatapat arusisipkakiwa:

@lwangamwiluI surely think it is unfair for society to treat her like that where berate a man's girlfriend when he is caught ceating:

Warminak utjipan janiw jupar jan wal uñjañax kusäkiti: WfC(Las Mujeres por el Cambio, un defensor de género NGO)?

Yaqhip tweep, @missbwalya, warminakan ch'uxñäpxatapat qhananchäna, khithinakati mä waynan muniriparuw tuqipxi, kunawsati jupax yaqha tawaqump sarnaqkir katjatawa:

@lwangamwilu ZCAS story has made it all the way out here too & the response is the same – Woman affixed w/ a scarlet letter.

Akan sarnaqäwix taqikun lurarakïna, ukat jaysäwix pachpakiwa – mayjankat Warmi w/mä qilqt'äwi.

@lwangamwilu qilqt'änwa:

The 1% where the guy is mentioned is largely about how good he was in the video. Says much about much. #ZCAS sex tape

1% kawkjanti wiriyun waynax qawqh sumäns ukatuqit qhananchatawa. Arsuskakpan. # ZCAS «sex tape»

On Facebook, Ajanpankan Richard Banda Lcgi Meiz-ax mä unxtasïwiw qalltäna, amuyatax arknaqatax jupax jilïrinakar mayïw uñstayat tawaq qhispiyañtak sum mistsuñap suyt'äna:

‎»SAVE THE ZCAS LADY CAMPAIGN» – Let's sign a pettition and see how many love justice for the poor lady. If you say «YES» comment on this thread by just one word «YES» and post. Lets save the lady and we will petition the authorities to save the lady.

«ZCAS WARMIN UNXTASÏWIP QHISPIYAM»- Mä mayïw rixintañäni, ukat qawqha yanapt'äwis tawaqutak utj uk uñjam. Iyawst ukaja, akatuqit arst'am ukat uñicht'ayam. Tawaqur qhispiyañäni, ukat jilïr irpirinakaruw jupar qhispiyañtak mayiñäni.

On Tumfweko-x, mä yatiyiriwa, kawkiriti sarnaqäwit yatiyäna, mä nayra sarnaqäwir jaysäw ullaram:

Ba zedi, ubu fontini mwa chilamo [Zambians you are too sleepy]. If youve never filmed yourself with your girlfriend, i guess ure still living in the 20s when a camera was hard to find. That video was not meant to become public, as you can clearly see, it was filmed from a webcam, if you know what that is. Which children are those? I doubt that there are any 7 year olds at ZCAS. Society has always had it bad and good sides, nothing is new. If our parents dint have sex, we wouldnt be here. Infact, back in the days when there was no AIDS, people were much more naughty. Dont make this seem like such a big thing. Dnt blow this out of proportion. They are not “actors” and no money changed hands. The only person who could have made a b(u)ck from that is the guy who stole the video and uploaded it onto the net, which i also highly doubt. Wake up!! …

Ba zedi, ubu fontini mwa chilamo [Zambia-nunaka, sinti ikimayapxtawa] Jumati jan munirimamp philmayaskstaxa, nayax sakirist jumax nayrxamaw jakasktaxa, kunawsati mä kamar jikxatañax ch'amänwa. Uka wiriyux janiw taqir uñichayañtakikänti, kunjamati qhan uñjtaxa, mä webcam-at philmatänwa. Kawkiris uka wawanakaxa. Pächast ZCAS-san paqalq mar utjatapa. Janiw kunas machaqäkiti, jaqix sum jan suma luräwinakanipinïnwa. Tatanakamati jan chikasipkaspän ukaxa, jiwasax janiw akanksnati. Chiqans «SIDA» us jan utjkän ukjaxa, jaqix wali sawkasirïnwa. Jan jach'jam amuyayamti. Janirak inar chhaqtayamti. Jupanakax janiw akturanakäpkiti. Khithiti wiriy lunthatäna, ukat atamirir apkatäna, jupakiw luraspäna, kawkiritti nayax sint pächasta. Sartam.

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